A Data Story Teller’s Resolutions for 2018

Here’s what I want to be doing everyday of this year;

READ (30 minutes):

I want to be a more focused reader this year. Out of the wave of information that will overwhelm me everyday if I am able to devour one meaty article to satisfaction I’d take that. If you are someone looking for ideas you better read as much as you can EVERYDAY.

WRITE (15 minutes):

Writing helps give structure to the hundreds of disconnected ideas & images flaring in your brain. 10 years back I would have said ‘write’ — literally on paper. Today I am happy to type. With a leaning towards coding, over the years I’ve found Markdown Pad & Sublime Text very handy in writing short posts or even notes.

SKETCH (15 minutes):

Sketchnote your ideas on paper. It is okay if you can’t even draw a straight line properly. Make a start & eventually you will get better.

Sketch everyday no matter the quality

And here’s what I want to be doing every fortnight;


Being a data story teller I feel very restless when I’m not ‘creating’ a story. I get nervous in between accomplishments. Creating a data story every day is close to impossible, but if I’m able to do one every week/fortnight there’s nothing like it. It requires a lot of inspiration, perseverance & discipline to pull this one off. Reading, Writing & Sketching EVERYDAY will certainly help here.


In the pursuit of perfection I’ve built a pile of incomplete data stories — stories that haven’t seen the light of day. This year I’d like to make better publishing plans. Don’t go after every event on the calendar. Be smart & save your time & energy. It is good to be concerned about quality but don’t fall into the ‘perfection’ trap. ‘Create’ to ‘Publish’ — else you and I are wasting our time.


Once you publish, send your work to your coworkers & the community. Get feedback. Learn, Unlearn & Relearn.

Pat yourself on the back. Repeat.