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If you were to list the problems caused by coronavirus — you know, death, economic free-fall, the collapse of life as we know it — pointing out how it’s made it harder to present design work seems a little nit-picky. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t write a blog post about it!

Given the current climate, with many design businesses predicting substantial drops in revenue over the coming months, the last thing you need is for your design work to flop at the sign-off point. Going back to the drawing board takes time and costs money.

No amount of tips and techniques are going to save you if the work isn’t actually worthy of approval, but there are a number of things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of hearing those golden words ‘We love it, what’s next?” …

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A successful workshop can do wonders for your strategy project. Whether you’re working in brand, digital, business or something else, the strategy workshop forms a critical part of your research.

It’s a rare opportunity to get the people closest to the project in a room and dedicate time to tackling a wide range of questions, issues, ideas and more. The answers and insights you uncover often play a huge part in where you go next and the final outcomes you achieve.

Here’s 10 pointers I alway follow when preparing / setting up a strategy workshop.

1. Pick the right space

You’re going to be asking some hard qs in this strat session, so you need a space conducive to creative and critical thinking. …

On October 31st 2017, I wrote a ‘to do’ list in the back of my notebook (see pic at the bottom)

The list has 16 items on it, some of them are small life admin things, some of them are big, ambitious goal things, but all of them were things I needed/wanted to do at the time I wrote it.

As of today, with the launch of my website (plug! I have officially crossed off 9 out of 16 — that’s 56.25%.

I’m not sure if that’s a decent percentage.

It is slightly embarrassing that there are at least 2 that I could easily knock off tomorrow if I really wanted to but…you know…I’ve been busy… what? …

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