My ‘to do’ list — 690 days later.

On October 31st 2017, I wrote a ‘to do’ list in the back of my notebook (see pic at the bottom)

The list has 16 items on it, some of them are small life admin things, some of them are big, ambitious goal things, but all of them were things I needed/wanted to do at the time I wrote it.

As of today, with the launch of my website (plug! I have officially crossed off 9 out of 16 — that’s 56.25%.

I’m not sure if that’s a decent percentage.

It is slightly embarrassing that there are at least 2 that I could easily knock off tomorrow if I really wanted to but…you know…I’ve been busy… what?

We all go through life at our own pace so while some people would never leave a list undone, others have the same list for years and years, and maybe never get it completed.

Anyway, here’s what I have managed to achieve/fail over the last 690 days!


Get my Australian citizenship

Yep, done. Thank you Australia! 🖤💛❤️🇦🇺


Buy a new house

Done! Thank you money lenders!


Get UK Passports for my kids

“Yeah mum, sorry, I know, I know, I do need to do that….. yes, it is useful to have for them…yep climate change is real and maybe we will need to flee to Scotland one day… I will get onto it mum..I promise”….


Medicare Refunds, Unpaid Invoices, Life Insurance

A bit Zzzzzz, but yep, got all them done


Make a proper will

Yep, need to get that sorted asap. I’ve been busy….what?


Launch a new website

Yep — finally! Another plug!


Create a new business

Done that.


Go to New York

Yeah, nah, not done. Can’t believe I’ve not been to New York yet! Ridiculous


Run a big event

Managed to pull off this as part of the AGDA awards in Melb last year. It was class.


Create two new workshop classes

Have only really done 1, so no, not giving myself that one yet.


Join a tennis club and team

This summer I am 100% doing that, I swear!


Write and create a kids book

Ha! No way, not even close! (read a shit load of em though #research!)


Learn a new craft and make something

I painted my kitchen/living room, does that count?


Visit home

Yep, did that, awesome trip!


So, there you have it. 690 days later and I’m a little over half way through. Writing this has kind of inspired me to get moving on the low hanging fruit from that list, but I’m not going to beat myself up about leaving things undone.

In amongst all of that stuff, it’s been a hectic schedule with life, work, family, friends and all the other things that stops us from doing what we need ‘to do.’

Thanks for reading


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