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Happier: The One Secret to Lasting Joy (Implement Immediately)

Even your smallest efforts can spark great changes.


In 2007, I received an unexpected call from Stephen M. R. Covey, former CEO of FranklinCovey and author of the bestselling book, The Speed of Trust. He asked to meet with me.

We sat down in his conference room, and Covey told me that after hearing me speak at a recent event he hoped I might consider coming to work for him presenting Speed of Trust trainings.

As soon as I scooped my jaw off the floor, I told him that, although I was incredibly flattered, I felt I was too young and inexperienced even to entertain the idea.

“What would the gray hairs think?”

Then, Covey taught me a priceless principle that would forever change my outlook on the nature of education and experience.

He said,

“Richie, experience is overrated. Some people say they have twenty years’ experience, when, in reality, they only have one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.”

That statement blew my mind and opened windows of opportunity all around me.

In an instant, I felt free from the self-inflicted mental bondage I had created for myself about my age and my feelings of experience-based inadequacy.

I suddenly realized that if something was important enough to me, if I was truly committed to achieving success, I could learn what I needed to know along the way!

Nothing could have felt more empowering.

It’s very important to note that Covey wasn’t implying that experience isn’t important.

Take a look at the way he elaborated on this concept in his book, The Speed of Trust.

“On the individual level, the problem is that many people aren’t into the idea of continuous improvement. So they’re working in a company — maybe they’ve been there for ten or fifteen years — but instead of having fifteen years of experience, they really have only one year of experience repeated fifteen times . . . As a result, they don’t develop the credibility that would inspire greater trust and opportunity.”

Just as valuable as experience, is an eagerness to learn and a willingness to constantly seek improvement to get the job done.

Covey taught me that authentic experience is gained not by simply strapping yourself in and doing the time, but through constantly (and sincerely) seeking learning and improvement along the road to success.

I deeply value education and experience, of both the formal and the “lifelong learning” varieties.

However, holding yourself back from starting your “real” life’s work until you feel you finally have enough experience or education to actually begin is unwise.

No matter how much you learn, you’ll never have enough experience or education to anticipate every curveball that your life, your business, or your family will throw at you.

It’s painful for me to imagine how many passionate dreamers and innovative thinkers have choked on their creative, potentially life-changing aspirations, while they waited to obtain enough experience to begin.

The great author and creative director Paul Arden once said,

“Experience is the opposite of being creative”

. . . an intriguing argument that drives home a powerful point.

Fast forward to now…Stephen M. R. Covey surprised me at my home in Hawaii a few days ago to see how my family was doing.

I shared my struggles and he counseled and mentored me again. He walks his talk. He spends valuable and precious time to help those around him. So grateful. I hope to share and live in abundance as he has shown care and generosity to my family.


THIS is the one secret to lasting joy

How should you spend your time then?

You should S.T.A.R.T.

Serve. Thank. Ask. Receive. Trust.

The symphony of serving, thanking, asking, receiving, and trusting is a powerful one.

Employing the principles of START helps you strategically connect, prove yourself, and get into the game where all the action is.

The principles of START are most effective when they are embraced as continuous principles of human connection.

They are “continuous principles” because they aren’t meant to be approached chronologically.

They are meant to be embraced as a way of life, our “first sources” of behavior in both business and life.

We live in a low-touch world.

Interaction through electronics is more prevalent than face-to-face human interaction.

While connecting with people around the world has never been easier, paradoxically, creating genuine connections and facilitating meaningful relationships has become much, much harder.

And it’s taking a toll on our success.

Dr. Edward M. Hallowell said,

“The more isolated we are, the more stressed we become. . . . Fostering connections and reducing fear promote brain- power. When you make time at least every four to six hours for a ‘human moment,’ a face-to-face exchange with a person you like, you are giving your brain what it needs.”

START is about fostering “human moments” and giving our “brain what it needs.”

When we are fueled by the guiding principles of START, we are prepared to develop meaningful relationships, seize opportunity when it arrives, accelerate success, create trust, give and receive respect, learn valuable things, and contribute to others (and the world) in meaningful ways.

And the most beautiful part is that START is reciprocal!

The more you START, the more people will be excited to serve, thank, ask, receive, and trust you.

You’ll give and receive in abundance: all because you had the courage to START!

These timeless principles are the mechanics of a sustainable foundation for success, no matter the project, and anyone can start this way.



Today Is My Everything

T.I.M.E. = Today Is My Everything

How you choose to spend your time…even how you spend the time inside your own head…IS EVERYTHING.

Read this mantra aloud (if you will) and go enjoy life.

I’ve even included a poster you can save to your phone or computer or print out. Many have. The T.I.M.E. Mantra helps me to put first things first.

T.I.M.E. is my mantra — Today Is My Everything.

This moment I’m currently in is the only one I’m guaranteed.
I’ll spend it with intention and care. . . because I can.
Yes, I can.
I can do this.
And I must.
This is my time.
The world needs my unique talent and contribution.
No one else can do what I do, the way I do.
I’ll intensify my efforts.
Double them.
Triple them.
I’ll act with urgency.
I have ONE life to live, and this is it.
No more tomorrows.
Today is the day.
What matters to me, matters to the world.
I will tap into what matters to me, on the deepest level of who I am, and I will act from that authentic core.
My life has meaning.
This is my chance to create purpose-driven experiences, to bring excitement, passion, energy and joy into my own life . . . and into the world at large.
I won’t just take time, I’ll Make time.
I’ll SHAKE time.
I’ll revolutionize the way I embrace time in my day-to-day life.
I’ll crush fear.
I’ll dream.
I’ll do.
I’ll live from a space of intention and purpose.
I am uniquely talented.
There’s not another soul like me, anywhere — past, present or future.
I’ll Serve,Thank, Ask, Receive and Trust. In short, I’ll Live to START, and I’ll START to live.
I’ll start something stupid.
I will create, ideate, innovate, initiate and inspire.
Today. I will get as close to my dreams as possible, as soon as possible, and I will achieve the impossible.
This is not a dress rehearsal.
This is my LIFE.
And I will live it — wide awake.
The world needs me.
The work needs me. I need me.
I’ll show myself, be myself, believe in myself and BELIEVE MYSELF.
This is my TIME.

T.I.M.E. — Today Is My Everything

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” — Viktor E. Frankl, author of Man’s search for Meaning


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