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12 weeks of intense skills based learning. Building the skills needed to create full stack applications using various technologies, methodologies and techniques, and it all comes down to this. One week to bring all the skills together and build my pièce de résistance. At this point a good nights sleep is a distant memory and I am pushing forward with sheer force of will. My project idea, a community application called Pedal Board where users can track their favourite guitarist’s effects pedal choices. …

I am currently in week 7 of a 12 week, software engineering immersive bootcamp with General Assembly. I chose General Assembly because as I make this career change, the course curriculum covers some of the most up to date skills, languages, technologies and methodologies in web development. It is skills based learning, focusing on gaining experience through building apps as we learn, utilising what we have learned in class and to eventually combine different technologies and create efficient, user friendly full-stack applications.

I’d like to start with the end in mind. I am currently a student at General Assembly, studying remotely, their Software Engineering Immersive course. I am very passionate about the work and the skills I am learning. Here I would like to set out the journey to this point in my life and detail the twists and turns that brought me here.


Software Engineer currently study with General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive Remote.

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