Endgame Approaching

Is not exactly describable, how I am right now, writing this article, continuing with one more day of my somehow-have-to existence. But just for the information, my earplugs are on, The Who is playing on YouTube for the past 15 minutes (I’m not exactly sure what song from the album is playing right now), I’m a bit stoned, and my midsem exams have ended a few hours ago.

The Barcode Whiplash. Cartoon by Ares.

A few thousand miles away, they are bombing in Syria, speechwriters are going over the drafts of the next speech of the US presidential candidates, my Facebook newsfeed is telling me there has been some trouble in Kashmir, another black guy has been shot in USA and a lot of other fuck-ups. Just like everyday.

Not anything different. But I probably have fallen short of the robustness, the vastness, of the premise that I wanted to implement. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m not going to uncover anything here.

The collective evolution of this species is taking the human race to a more messed up point everyday. A point that is more messed up than the previous day. Elon Musk is telling to dream of colonies in Mars. That’s okay though.

In North Dakota, a Native American tribe is protesting against a proposed oil pipeline. Drew Hansen is predicting in Forbes about humanity starving by 2050. Pepe the Frog is trying to complete its transcendence from an internet meme.

An endgame is approaching. And like all endgames, it doesn’t make much sense before it happens.