JavaScript/React vs Pepper Spray

Looking at Coding from the outside, it’s looks really cool! Imagine building websites and apps from the ground up or creating code that solves the planets problems, it feel like the world is your oyster. On top of that I have a few friends that code and they look like they are having fun doing it. After taking the step into this world I’m reminded of a cartoon that I saw a few years ago. The name of the cartoon is Chowder which is the name of the main character. I’m pretty sure it’s off the air now. Anyway the scene start with Chowder, his dad (I think) and a woman. Well the woman gets aggravated with them and she decides to whip out her pepper spray and the dad. Chowder, who naive to what pepper spray is responds “Pepper Spray! that sounds delicious!” So the lady sprays him next. After being sprayed he yells “I was wrong!, I was horribly wrong!”

This choice that I made to code looks great on the outside and you could look at other people who do this for a living think “That guy looks happy!” I just didn’t realize the pain it takes to learn it! Don’t get me wrong I have found a new love and I enjoy doing this which, but man oh’ man could it be a pain! Happy coding!

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