Carnage continues

Stock markets continue to get sliced as follows

Dow -1.44%
Nasdaq -1.22%
S&P500 -1.4%

As mentioned, the upcoming days are going to be tough, and it wont get easier anytime soon.

The FED releases statements on how a rate hike is necessary, which upon execution will deter stocks from the growth they had experienced the past 6 years. Stay strong.

So, with a declining market, what do we do?

You BUY. Go back to the past posts. Go root out the stocks that you’ve always wanted to buy but were too expensive. The declining market condition becomes a perfect environment to spend some of that cash you’ve been holding.

Bad companies get sliced, too bad. But good companies with amazing earnings an prospects get sliced? Its an opportunity. Just remember when you buy a stock, you hold it and stay disciplined.

Favorites still stand as follows:


The future of a rate hike may make you feel uncomfortable like tiger woods,

it is so important to know that if you’re young and have many years ahead of you, holding power will eventually triumph any ephemeral market climate. So stay smiling!

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