Monticello Associates creating a research based advice unit

Monticello Associates is the country’s leading asset management and consulting firms. It is constantly working on providing the top advice and strategy to its clients. Monticello Associates has a wide array of clients from people on retirement plans and pension plans to high net worth clients. Monticello Associates is there to fit to the need of the people and the community. Monticello Associates knows the benefit of investment and why good investment is necessary for the people and the community as well.

This company has been running since 20 years and has been providing best advice to the investing community. Founded by Grady Durham, it now works to give strategic plans regarding the future investments. This is something crucial because investments are not simple. It requires a lot of hard work and careful planning as well. Considering that there are large sums of money involved, a person has to be very careful in where they wish to put their money.

People invest only to have a good and positive return in the future. They have to be both patient and smart at the same time. Investment usually takes years before they actually benefit a person. Someone who doesn’t have much savings should only go for the small projects. Similarly, those with a large amount of extra money can always invest bigger.

Monticello Associates is now expanding and building its research based unit in Cleveland as well. A newest addition to the team at Monticello Associates is John E Harvan III. Mr. Harvan will be serving as an analyst at Monticello Associates office in Cleveland. Harvan is a manager who is quite keen on diligence and research as well. Having worked at Nuveen Investments, he specializes in helping financial advisors. He has previously worked with affluent and high net worth investors. He has a global experience of these high net worth investments and thus he will prove to be a great addition to the team at Monticello Associates.

The firms Cleveland office just recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The managing director at the Cleveland Office, Pat Sullivan feels that John will be a great addition at Monticello Associates. He thinks that he will be helpful both professionally and personally as well. Considering that he has had experience with various asset classes, he would have a beneficial and immediate impact on the future clients taken up by Monticello Associates.

This article talks about the expansion of Monticello Associates and how it is growing by opening officers in different areas in Denver. It also highlights the addition of another member to the team and how his vast experience is likely to help both the clients and the team in the long run.

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