An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

I am a divorced parent, whose children played Pokemon when they were kids(they are now late teens). I only get to see my kids on weekends and I happen to get my kids the weekend Pokemon go came out. I started playing on my own, thinking I would show them the game when I saw them. Of course they all had started playing themselves as well. We had some fun aimlessly driving around that weekend trying to find places to catch pokemon, with aimless being the key word. I live closer to downtown while they live out in the suburbs. I have access to pokemon spawns and they don’t. They are lucky to get a pokemon an hour by their house.

By the next weekend we spent together, two of them had already lost interest in the game. Because I had done more exploring I was able to take them to some of the “best” (or so I thought) places to catch pokemon and we had fun again, even getting the two who lost interest to participate again! Of course the weekend ended and I had to drop them off. That night I found Pokevision and it opened my eyes to where pokemon who hadn’t ever been on my radar were located. Even with that advantage, there was still no guarantee you could even get to where they were located in time, but it renewed my interest in the game that I had already begun to lose interest in, in just two weeks, due to the numerous bugs, the game constantly freezing, and also not being able to log on half the time. Yes, it gave a bit of an advantage that perhaps was not intended, but in the approximately one week I used the app, quite frequently it was not able to perform anyways due to Niantics failures. It only allowed me to find one Snorlax and Dragonite spawn I would have never found, both of which I was not able to catch after throwing over 20 Ultraballs and giving berries each time…I digress.

Without Pokevision I would have given up on the game, because quite frankly, after playing video games since I was a teenager, I don’t spend much time playing games that are unplayable or that are unable to keep my attention due to lack of content. Pokemon Go unfortunately would fall into those categories. After finding Pokevision I was inspired to keep playing, and quite frankly it was inspiring me to play too much, lol. I was getting done with work and “hunting” with the aid of Pokevision pretty much until I went to bed. I was excited to use this tool with my kids to allow them to find pokemon they were never going to see where they are most of the time. Unfortunately a week after finding Pokevision, it was shut down. I was never able to take my kids out to find those pokemon, and probably never will…as they have all lost interest in the game. Even I am barely playing anymore. Quite frankly the game is somewhat boring without Pokevision. I have caught over 400 pidgeys and 300 weedles…so catching another one just isn’t fun.

Bottom line, thank you for Pokevision. Without it (or some other viable tracking method), Pokemon Go will be gone…from my phone.

One last thing, the crowds of people who were playing Pokemon go in my local downtown area have all but gone away since the update and shutdown of Pokevision.

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