Publishers of anti-LGBT ‘special report’ doth protest too much
Zack Ford

A campaign against an institution with a bad reputation.

The New Atlantis concedes that “the report is not a study; it is a scientific review of the literature.” Very one sided with many facts obfuscated.

This is where Johns Hopkins gets into the quagmire. McHugh with no real scientific background on Transgender, albeit his zealous devotion to the Catholic church, and ability to still use his Johns Hopkins reference, as a revered Psychologist, to so add veracity to his mendacious, axe to grind, persona. If Johns Hopkins were to have him put a complete disclaimer on his mendacious speech that would be a very helpful thing as they are going to start Trans surgeries again and until they [JH] separates themselves from him Trust will not be forthcoming to them.

The man is a very mendacious and hateful person and should go down in history the same as another Johns Hopkins Psychologist, John Money.

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