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Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock, you sir are as dense as the Pope, back in Galileo’s time. Some other Bishops have stated, we let science dictate science, and we Catholics deal with God’s work. In this case you are against God’s work as your religion states: “ Created in the image and likeness of God.” You are setting yourself above God with these statements. I am one of God’s Trans creations, and see it as a gift as God would be all Genders. Science of today understands the rudimentary effects that create Transgender people. It is a birth anomaly as they would call it. You denigrate us, and ridicule us, and in years to come, as Galileo needed to wait over 300 years to hear he was correct, and another 75 for an apology. You are delegating us to the same limbo as Galileo, while you have all the science to discredit your false theories of being Transgender, you take and base your actions on Lies from McHugh. Look up Paul McHugh and the mendacious things he still says about Transgender people and what he told the past Pope Benedict. You sir will be in the history books as PC to the Churches rule, and responsible for following false standards, and not your Heart. [if you have one] Mr McHugh has a trail of mendacious publications, and is a documented Trans Hater, that Truly does have an axe to grind, as his theories on Trans never worked.