Memo to Nest: How 3 connected hardware companies killed their devices
Stacey Higginbotham

I view the world through the lens of “the cost of confusion,” so this wired home hype is high on my radar. Best Buy cleared out a couple of aisles for these products more than a year ago, and the cobwebs there are the thickest ones in retail these days. There is just so much technology out there that is way way ahead of what people’s lives actually need. Kodak spent millions on focus groups asking consumers about all the features they wanted in digital photo editing software, but after launching the service that became Shutterfly, they determined the actual behavior of most families was to order 2 sets of prints — one for grandma and grandpa, and another to throw in that shoebox in the closet. The Internet of things is littering our lives with a whole lot of digital pet rocks and chia pets, along with hardware boxes adding to the pile of dial up modems in our garages ;-)