It’s about Catering Not Calculus

Does your restaurant’s catering menu require your customer to do math? Do you get a little carried away when you were writing the copy and make it more than one page???

In fact is it more than 3 packages?

As I travel the city meeting with clients I often gasp when they show me the proverbial booklets that they call catering menus… each one committing the mortal sin of catering.

“Serves 18–22 people”

Which is is? 18,19,20,21, or 22? What if some of my guests don’t like a particular ingredient in your dish? What effect does that have on your yield size?

I recognize these guidelines probably make a lot of sense to you the restaurant owner, but to the person placing the order they are the most difficult anxiety filled calculation they will make that day.

Solution??? It’s simple. Make 2–3 packages and price them at about $8, 10 and $15 per person. That is the key. “PER PERSON” Your customers know the headcount, they trust you to get the food volume right so make it easy on them. 40 people at $10 per person = $400. Got it.

Try this and see if your catering orders increase.

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