Ships-Log, my new to do list manager

I keep todo lists. Sometimes by hand, sometimes on my computer. For the past six months, I've been organizing them on my computer, in a simple folder called log, with a file for each day I decide to have a to do list.

Yesterday, I realized that my shell script I had been using to create these log files wasn't as extensible as it could be, and that I wanted a bit more out of my system. I have a global todo list, and daily todo lists, but I also want to be able to take notes on particular projects, group todos in those projects, and start having a folder on my computer for reach project that I'm working on.

So, I built ships-log, which does this for me, just a bit easier.

Using ships-log, I can easily initiate a folder structure for each project I like. It creates a README for me to think about the project, with a nice template — title, mission, criteria for success, notes — as well as a blank TODO file, and a log folder. In the log folder, log automatically creates a file named after the date, with another set of super helpful headings:

The next day, I'll automatically grab any tasks left over in the Next from the previous day, or marked in the main To Do list, and make a new one. I don't have to rewrite anything, and I have a very clear way of uploading and downloading state — of knowing where I was when I left a project, and what I need to do to get back into focusing on a given project.

I have ships-log set up with some aliases so that I never have to think twice about my daily to do list, the one I look at when I wake up (after my morning routine) and before I go to bed (as part of my evening routine). Instead, I just type t in my Terminal to open today's todo list, or I use Alfred and a workflow I have set up there. If I have a specific project, I just change my terminal to point to the directory I want, and use ships-log there.

It's a quick, efficient system, that leaves a good papertrail in case I want to look at what I've done, and let's me know what I ought to be doing next. I like it.

What do you use?



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