The Daily Prayer 07.03.2015
“Love is the Foundation”
‎Maria Dion, RScP

In the continuous flow of blessing our heart finds meaning and rest.


There is a lot of talk in the world these days about the financial system, and financial capital (or resources). We think of our finances as defined by what we own, or our net worth, but our worth can be expressed in so many ways! Take, for example, your mental resources — the things you know, the things you are learning, the things you are passionate about. Look at your social resources — the people you know, the relationships you’ve formed, your community, and your spiritual community. And there’s also your spiritual Resource — the Divine Source that has expressed itself as you, and your relationship to It. (It’s always possible to Re-Source during the day — to pause and reconnect to Source!)

Perhaps write about and distinguish those 4 types of resources in your life — financial, mental, social and spiritual. See the robustness and blessing of your life!

In this very moment, I know that God is all there is. I know that God is the Source, the Creator, the Expression of the One. Love is the Source of everything in existence, and from It springs: Harmony, Truth, Peace, Forgiveness, Vibrant Health and Abundance. It is The Blessing of all that exists! Every plant, animal, person, place and thing radiates and is Love.

And as I am a part of all that is, I, too, am Love.

Love is the foundation of who I am, and who everyone is. It is written in my heart and radiates throughout my DNA. Love is wrapped in, around and through my life. I radiate the Love of God through my body, mind and soul, and so does everyone in my experience!

I now speak my word: There is no lack in my, or anyone’s life. We are all living in the heart of the One, in the Abundance of God, in the Blessing of Peace. There is enough for all. Sufficiency is the Truth of our existence. I know for me and for everyone reading these words, that we have great strengths and gifts! There is a store of limitless blessings available to us at all times! I affirm and declare for each of us that our lives are a place of meaning and rest — for we rest in God and rest in the knowing that all is well.

We do this appreciating, celebrating and experiencing our beautiful lives and our many blessings. Our set points are raised, our vibrations are raised to know Love and to know God more deeply — through relationship, work, Nature, friends and through community. God is all there is!

And I give thanks for all of the resources in my life! I appreciate the Science of Mind, for the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living and for this deep Truth. I celebrate the resting place — that of god — and of each person’s ability to connect with that restful place at any moment. I know that my words are powerful, and am grateful for the many manifestations that are happening!

I now release this word, knowing that as I’ve spoken, it is done.

And so it is!

‎ Maria Dion is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM 87107

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