The Daily Prayer 07.27.2015
“Prayer for My Artist Heart”
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is the Source of EVERYTHING. Creativity is Its very nature. Beauty is Its Essence. What we call Soul, what we call Lifeblood, is Source Energy. The Impulse beneath all unfolding, It soars. It ignites. It spreads Joy and Love and is the Switch within that creates feeling Good. God is the Great Creator. He/She/It is my Source. He/She/It is Yours.

So in this moment, I pause to recognize that truth: that God is my Source. Not my employer. Not the next deal, but God. Knowing that, there is never anything to worry about. God is my Source and the nature of that Source Energy is Creativity. The nature of that Source is Beauty. The nature of that Source is FUN. It is MY Source. It is YOURS.

So I drink that in. I allow it to envelop me. It awakens my artist heart. It feeds my soul. It makes me want to play. There before me, lies permission. God loves me so deeply, so completely that He pines to see me play. “Be who you want to be,” He tells me. “Pull out the paints and the clay and the sketchpad Make a mess. Have FUN. It matters not how good or not good the results. What matters is you explored. You put aside judgment and just let your passion take the reins.”

Oh, and He said the message was for you, too, so it looks like you’ve got some playing to do!

So, today, I give thanks for permission to play. I let my artist heart run free. She is frolicking in new ways. She is playing with creativity. And I give thanks. I am so grateful to have my passion ignited. I am so grateful for permission to be a child again. No judgment. No goals. Just experiments in being.

I let go of ideas of how I thought things should be. I allow God to be my Source. As usual, He has it covered and He’s got my back. My only job is to remember this. And I do. And so It is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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