The Daily Prayer 08.01.2015
“Settling Into Forgiveness”
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Spirit is always there. Always in the moment, in the details, in the stuff I see and the stuff I fail to notice. God is present and Loving and Kind. It is the Warm embrace that chases away all my troubles. It is the Soothing Voice that whispers consolations. The Mother envelopes me in Love and swaddles me in Comfort. The Father safeguards me and calms my fears. The Holy Spirit guides me towards contentment. For God is all these things and more. He is the Space where all is right in my world. Forgiveness is the gift He gives me. I find compassion in His Arms.

For I know that that which the Father is, I am, so I am comforted and the comforter. I am the bringer of the shower of love. I am the remembrance that all is forgiven. My errors are mere misperceptions. God always knew my heart and never once thought my temper tantrums were anything more than calls for love. Never once was I anything other than His Precious Child. And that’s true of you, too, Precious One. That’s true of you too.

So today, I ask you to join me as I settle into forgiveness, that place where it is easy to let go of thinking there was ever anything wrong. I recognize God’s timing as perfect, noticing how despite my ideas of how things should have been, I was never alone. God was there always and never once allowed me to lose my way. I settle into forgiveness where Spirit whispers me of the gifts present within the seeming discord. Inside forgiveness, I know that every moment was and is the birthplace of Love. Every second contains the seeds of miracles. I settle into forgiveness where I know that it is only my stubborn notion that things should be different than they are that blocks the love from me. Yet I am forgiven. I am given another chance to let Love walk into my heart. I am never forsaken for nothing I could do would keep God’s love from finding me. I am always loved, always forgiven and I settle into that knowingness, where I can at last forgive myself for not being better. Are you there with me? Can you feel how loved you are. You, too, are forgiven, for in truth there was nothing to forgive. It was only ever than you forgot for just a moment, who you really are. But don’t you remember it now? Can’t you feel the Love that surrounds you.

Give thanks, as I give thanks. For here where we settle into forgiveness, Love is the Balm of the Day. Here where we remember the truth of who we are, gratitude fills our hearts. It’s delicious, isn’t it? It’s intoxicating. How right the world is here where all errors are forgiven and Peace blankets everything. I let go of ideas of right or wrong. I know only peace and it’s exquisite.

I let this prayer go. I pass it into the ethers where God Himself has heard the prayer and God Himself and answered it. It is done. All is forgiven and all is well. And so It is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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