iPad Mini 4 with the Brydge keyboard

In furtherance of my ongoing experiment in doing real work with the iPad Mini, here’s my iPad Mini 4 with the newest Brydge Bluetooth keyboard attached.

This is the simplest, most seamlessly functional iPad keyboard I’ve ever used. The iPad drops neatly into hinges at the top of the keyboard. Rubberized inserts inside the hinges hold it in place, but it can be lifted right out anytime you want to use it naked. While it’s in the hinges, the whole assembly folds shut like a clamshell and can be carried around or dropped into your bag.

The keyboard itself is shrunk down from standard, and certain keys are half-size, but even the half-size keys seem to be right where my fingers expect them to be. (I’m guessing that the layout maps very closely to that of the onscreen keyboard.) I type a little slower than on a full-size keyboard, but not noticeably less accurately. (As with the onscreen keyboard, I depend on AutoCorrect, which does the right thing about 95% of the time.) The feel and finish of the keyboard surface are very similar to the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, and there are function keys that include “home button” and “Spotlight” which I find I use constantly.

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