Traveling without a laptop!

For the first time in at least 5 years, I’m preparing to board a transcontinental(ish) flight (from New York to Phoenix) with no laptop.

Although this isn’t a work trip, I’m traveling during the workweek, and I have some work-related business to attend to today and tomorrow.

But my experiences over the past couple of weeks have amply demonstrated to me that I can be productive enough with the current-generation iPad mini and an attached clamshell keyboard that I’ll be able to manage without undue stress.

I can’t overstate the significance of this. For more than 20 years, I’ve rarely taken an overnight trip without a laptop, and since I started at Blue State Digital about 8 years ago, I’m pretty sure I never have. Even if I wasn’t sure if I’d need it, and sometimes I didn’t well, but what if it turned out I did?

The cloud infrastructure and app infrastructure, and especially the Google Apps and iCloud infrastructure, as well as the iOS devices themselves, are now so mature that I’m not worried something will come up that I can’t handle. (I’m typing this comfortably into a web browser on an iPhone 6 Plus that I’m carrying in my pocket.) As a result, my bag is disorientingly lighter. It’s a new world!

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