One more set vs One more commit

One more set vs. one more commit. This is the question I find myself asking every evening at 9:30 pm.

Should I spend another 2 hours putting fingers to keyboard, staring at the monitor hoping that some magic happens as I write continuous lines of code.

Or should I take a jog to the gym and do that thing we are told to do in order to stay healthy or maintain some form of fitness.

We are all too familiar with the running beads of sweat as you pull, push and commit to that last repo…sorry I meant set at the gym.

Struggles, one I’m sure the software developers (code benders) and Arnold Schwarzenegger admirers endure.

Code benders

Somedays I choose to stay that extra 2 hours, which reasonably speaking turns into an all-nighter, simply because amidst surfing through stack overflow and developers articles/blogs I have solved that crucial issue that’s been causing me sleepless nights. I have won yet again, until tomorrow.

On the other hand, going offline and giving my brain a sort of “break”, while I summon caveman like strength from the beast that lies within me in the gym actually seems to pay off.
My mind seems clearer, I feel an overwhelming freshness as I approach any technical problems I had beforehand.

Perhaps there’s a trade-off between our mental and physical state. Is that why throughout centuries the more mentally able (nerds) are perceived as less physically adequate, and the more physically capable individuals perhaps aren’t seen as the brightest type? Preposterous? Maybe.

But I believe my struggles is something everyone shares, for you it might not be keyboard bashing and iron pushing, it might be finding the right balance between that 9 to 5 job and *insert passion here*.
In the end, the only person who understands your struggles is you. Either way for me, I’ll still be pushing, either it is code or weights.

Let me know what you are pushing in the comments below, and please share this article if you found it interesting.

I’m currently pushing two side projects I am working on Eventcide and StartUpToolbox. Check them out.

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