Today’s Topic will be all about Continuous Integration! Let’s Imagine this scenario, right now you are done with creating an awesome service that is capable of crawling the whole wide web or doing an e-commerce store.

The problem now is that, you have to generate your own API blueprints (documentation), you have to manually deploy it to the cloud, make use of Kubernetes settings.

What is there was a way to automate all this these. By simply pushing to the Repository, all those manual labor will be done for you behind the scenes!

(P.S., we will also be using Kubernetes

Initially, I have been using Web Hosting Hub with WordPress installed with it to run my website. I got my domain name from OpenSRS. I am quite happy with their services and support. However, It has come to the point that I am clearly paying too much for just hosting a blog which stood at about 13 bucks a month.

This is where I chanced upon Amazon Web Services. Not being a good front-end developer, I went around in search of a template where I found Hugo, a static web builder developed with Golang. Below list the ways i went…

In this blog, we will be exploring the way of deploying the current service infrastructure that you have built locally to deploying it on a server in china via Alibaba Cloud aka Aliyun.

  1. Services Created and running locally.
  2. Ensure DockerFile have been build.
  3. Understanding of Docker & HAProxy

  1. Register an account with both Aliyun CN and INTL Account
  2. Login into the CN account & Create an Image Warehouse
  3. At this point, you should have successful push the built docker image to Aliyun registry store.
  4. Now, we proceed to…

Applicable to NS men and people with hectic lifestyles

Most of the time, I see couples breaking up due to either lack of communication or time. Is there truly a way to solve these problems for people who have hectic schedules and almost have no time for their girlfriends? Most of the time, it seems that girls have to understand what the guys have to go through? Is this the correct way, does this have to repeat when the men have to go to work in the future and therefore an endless cycle? Or is it just an excuse for…

Does overeating happen to be one of your sinful habits? Have no worry for there is a way that you can keep that passion.

With just 3 simple workouts a day, you can keep and look fit without sacrificing your favorite foods!

#Workout 1 — Bodybuilder push — ups

This workout will help to improve your overall fitness level and keep your arms in shape.

Most people have been doing push ups the wrong way. Watch this video to find out more! …

No words can express my thoughts

Let’s face reality, getting the right hairstyle is important as it define your personality and character. On top of that, it can also make you look much more attractive than normal.

Salons are normally overpriced, but i was shocked to see the pricing for this particular salon at The Cathy. For a haircut, it was priced at $39. The price you pay is well worth for it includes haircut, washing of hair, a complimentary Aveda Tea, Complimentary Hand/ Shoulder Massage and even has the usage of aromatherapy.

They do not sell you products and even if you are not interested…

Put an end to this absurdity now!

The world is ending!!!

Just kidding, however, it would not be long before that becomes a reality. The number of zombies increases as the clock continues to tick.

The word “Zombies” that I used was referring to “Humans” who are mindless, stuck in the exact standard same work routine in a typical 9 — 5 job.

In current society, the actual working hours is only 4. For the rest of the day, people are either dozing off, slacking or burning out. Even if they were actually “working”, their creativity and productivity level has gone to a level so low that…

Going Beyond Academics

The current system of choosing employees/ students is absurd.

Why do I say that? Mainly because I feel that separating unique individuals with decimal points on their scripts.

Individuals with Straights As or a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and fantastic results are on demand by well-known institutions for the wrong reasons.

If you are a dean, professor, HR Management, CEO or a person who has authority to bring in people into your company/ institution, kindly read on.

I mean, are you really happy to have students/ employees who are perfect zombies with no creativity, experience or portfolio? Grading and Judging…

Life Hack to the Body’s Secret

The current misconception of lemon and its benefits are too many that I’ve decided to do a whole blog just about lemons. Yes, you heard it right, lemons — those yellow thick oval fruits with fragrant yet acidic juice.

Why settle for second-best when you can have the best

The information provided is the pure opinion of mine. One do NOT have to agree with what I am saying, every single person should have freedom of speech in expressing their own views. One would not need to agree with the information stated.

Information comes from multiple sources and is backed up by personal experience.

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