My Ode To Android


I remember when we first met,

I had just broken up with blackberry

oh how I loved her so much

but she just got too old.

I needed something new, something that could satisfy my needs.

Blackberry, she stopped caring, stopped growing,

so I found you.

You were vibrant and new!

I still remember the first time I saw you

You were on tv, they called you Droid,

for so long

I thought that was your name…

Then I finally met you and you introduced yourself,

I said, “Hello my name is…”,

you said,

“My name is Android.”


From then on we were inseparable!

You helped me in so many ways.

You gave me so many opportunities to change you,

To adjust you to what I needed

what I wanted.

Then one day

I remember it like it was yesterday,

you brought home this dress

called Samsung.

Yes I had seen it before

but now,

Now this dress stood out from the rest.

When you put it on, you were glowing.

Glowing in a way that I had never seen you glow before.

I never thought I could have ever found someone like you

Especially since… blackberry…

But you

You were different

I think, I think I lo…

Wow who is that? Hello, what’s your name?

Apple you say,

What’s your last name?

iPhone, wow…

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