According to Snopes, Fake News Is Not the Problem
Jessi Hempel

Sadly, has always used vested interest sources about aspartame (methanol, formaldehyde) toxicity…

some links for methanol toxicity, and for vegan diet: Rich Murray 2016.11.21

California OEHHA sets methanol ingestion level 23 mg daily, same as from 1 can aspartame diet soda, 10 cigarettes, 3 tomatoes, or 4 cans green beans: Rich Murray 2013.07.03

diet, mostly aspartame, fruit and soda drinks correlate with depression NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study 11,311 cases depression after 2000 in 263,923 seniors 50–71 who gave beverage use in 1995–6, Honglei Chen team 2014 April: Rich Murray 2014.12.23

careful expert China team finds formaldehyde harm in retinas of old people — methanol may be a source — relevant to Alzheimers disease: Rich Murray 2016.05.19

aspartame dose same as 14 cans diet drink raised methanol 4 to 7 times individual levels for next 2 hours in exhaled breath, David Smith and 3 colleagues: Rich Murray 2015.12.09

neurobehavioral effects of aspartame, GN Lindseth et al 2014, funded by Army, free full plain text — 25% of 28 healthy young university students had obvious harm from a dose same as 9 cans daily for just 8 days: Rich Murray 2015.07.05

[ see also, for value of vegan diet,

in 2013 Kaiser Permanente, 10 million members, notified physicians to prescribe whole foods plant based only diet to prevent and cure most major diseases: Rich Murray 2016.05.26

American College of Lifestyle Medicine — global professional association started 2004: Rich Murray 2016.05.21 ]

“As a matter of course, every soul citizen of Earth has a priority to quickly find and positively share evidence for healthy and safe food, drink, environment, and society.”

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