AirDonkey: Join the Bike Sharing Revolution by Erdem Ovacik — Kickstarter


Let’s Talk About Bikes

We created AirDonkey because we believe that biking changes both people and cities. Therefore, we also think that bikes should be available to anyone, anywhere. We trust that easy access to bikes will get many more people on the roads, no matter where in the world they travel. So how, you ask?

AirDonkey is a lock and a platform that, together, allows bike owners to rent out their (spare) bike in the simplest way possible and allows renters to find and rent a bike by the click of a button. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

To get on board the bike revolution, all you have to do is get a Donkey kit, mount it to your bike and start renting out your bike whenever you don’t use it. There’s no limit as to how many bikes you can rent out or for how long, equally giving individuals a great chance to monetize on the system in the way that suits them.

Donkey Republic has tested the lock and platform in and around Copenhagen, and the system works. We have served more than 300 paying users since June, and have more than 10,000 trips on Donkey system.