Cleaning up after Ready Fire Aim

I spent 7 years in a little sleepy town that was woken once a year in summer by the sounds of in-land folk desperate for the sand between their toes.

It was bliss for relaxing but lulling for activity. I always fought it and I think the passion it stirred in me for creation rather than recreation continues to this day.

It was where I developed the (bad?) habit for Ready Fire Aim.

Don’t over-analyse & over-plan, spending years talking about what I’d start one day. The only criteria was to be a ceaseless learner who hoped that the hours of learning each week would have rubbed off on me.

So I was ready and I fired. From thousands of ideas to hundreds of quick plans to dozens of small businesses & projects. Some worked, many failed. Many, many failed. 95% of the time I appreciated the learning experience, 5% of the time I inwardly took it personally.

— -

In the midst of wanting to handle the process of creating multiple businesses, I looked for systems to try to bring them together into a cohesive whole:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Mind maps
  • Trello boards
  • Unified branding

These frameworks helped but the simple (hippy) idea that has really helped is working with the concept of gardening.

I’m throwing out seeds, some grow to saplings, some into trees.

  • Seeds need watering and good soil
  • Saplings need sunlight, watering and nutrients
  • Trees need sunlight, pruning and the time to grow & change with the seasons

— -

I realised that I had a problem with trust in my businesses and in my garden. I’d often drop multiple seeds into each finger-hole in the ground, thinking that at least one would grow. I’d then get two plants growing side-by-side and never growing to their full potential.

I soon realised that I didn’t trust that the tiny seed would make it out in the big, bad world. I should have got the tools & the space to incubate the seeds and then transfer them when they had started to grow.

That’s the next season in my business life. Come and join me :)