Interview: Anna Lovind

Q: You have created the The Creative Doer program to lead people towards more creative lives. Where did your motivation to help people release their creativity come from?

A: It came from making that journey myself, and seeing first hand how radically my life changed as a result. The thing about creativity is that it’s not limited to your actual creative work, it affects every area of your life — how you think, how you relate and respond, how you make decisions and basically how you show up in life.

Being creative is not just about painting and writing, it’s not just about being an artist in the traditional sense — although it can be that too. At it’s core, creativity is about listening to guidance and intuition, about daring to go for the less obvious choice because your heart says so, it’s about honing your capacity to see the world for what it truly is, and then learning how to express what you see in your very own voice.We all know this, but then we forget. We get lost in the expectations of others and the mess of our everyday lives, and we buy into the myth that creativity is limited to certain activities, and — worse of all — to a certain kind of people.

But no. I’ll have none of that. So even though my online course, The Creative Doer, helps people get going on the creative project of their dreams, what we’re really doing is building the foundation for a creative life. Which is infinitely more valuable. A truly creative person is a happy, constructive, generous person. And we need those qualities in our world right now.

So there. That’s the long and short of it :)