Interview: Tess Guinery

An open interview with Tess Guinery, talented graphic designer, who is in the process of starting an online publication, Lagoon To The Moon.

Contributors to her publication include: luisa brimble / bonnie gray / kate baxter / jenny webb / river bennet / miann scanlan / anthony chicco / amanda jones / lonnie + kaitlin webb / alix pashley / karina sharpe / heidi lakin / lucy mason / tess robinson / isacc chicco / harrison dunwell / taylr anne / heidi lakin + julie kerr, jenny webb, mary chicco + caleb guinery.

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Q: Hey Tess, how’s the e-magazine going? How did you come up with the idea?

A: Lagoon to the moon has been a side project that has come alive out of a love for people, design, community and that boom boom heart beat freelance life. This E-mag has been created with the intent to MUSE you to get up and DO something, RISE & SHINE those cobwebbed dreams, take the FREELANCE FALL, do the UNCOMFY DANCE, BEND the straight lines, WRITE the un-earthly story, PAINT that flickering memory, CONVERSE with that legend, COOK that rainbow pie, TELL that left lane joke, SING yourself to sleep, SEW that technicolour coat then put it on and simply SWIM UPSTREAM.

It’s a little circle shaped idea that started as a string of words from a personal revelation that has grown into a blog of dislexic ideas and and now an e-mag 〰 The name came to me one day in my wandering and pink coloured thoughts that lead me to see creativity and life in general as a “swimming upstream” circus — A revelation that reminded me to keep my eyes on my Creator and paddle with ease and endurance — keeping my head above deep lagoon waters with him (light of the world, my muse, my purpose) always in view. On the morning of my 32nd birthday my charming and sneaky lover organised with my family to surprise me with a beautiful neon light! A little idea that has has decided to pop open and share its colour, naturally.

Think of it like an interactive creative directory that builds traction and streams of work flow where the flow should be flowing.