New marketplaces

I did some more research into marketplaces being created. I uncovered a:

  • Marketplace for renting film equipment
  • Marketplace for sporting cards
  • Marketplace for buying and selling videos (like explainer videos)
  • Marketplace for boat rentals
  • Marketplace for renting anything, seriously anything
  • Marketplace for connecting with freelancers
  • Marketplace for drone rentals
  • Marketplace for vegan food delivery
  • Marketplace for a local community to buy, sell & rent
  • Marketplace for rave gear
  • Marketplace for winemakers to sell online
  • Marketplace for carers
  • Marketplace for people to share storage boxes

Wow x 2! I’m blown away by the creativity of marketplace builders.

Some of the key takeaways from reviewing these marketplaces are:

  • Some marketplaces can have a broad range of products or services and it works because they are an extension to an existing community. These marketplaces seem to grow slowly but look more sustainable as they have the link to an active online or offline group
  • Again, looking at some of the marketplaces reminds me of the difficulty of chasing scattered groups of people. If you’re targeting a local area, marketing is easier offline and online. If you’re targeting a specific group that already chats daily on Facebook or LinkedIn, you might be able to join the group, start your own group or in some way create a place of high value
  • I won’t say which ones but some marketplace ideas seem quite common and look to be started when people hear of a similar idea and tweak it slightly to try to make it better. Having a focus on an ideal customer (thanks Juho for this tip!) and ensuring your marketplace wows them, is a great place to start.

Which of the above marketplaces jumps out at you? Would you use any of them? Would you start your own? Let me know in the comments.