Life Lessons From the Peanut Gallery

Q: What airline do peanuts fly? A: Whichever allows for the most legume!

Restless from a long week of school, my girls were extra rambunctious in the car on the way home from school today. As we motored past their favorite park (despite there being two quite respectable parks closer, they were obsessed with the tire swing which this playground boasted), Mariah (7) asked if we could stop for a quick spin on the tire swing.

Unfortunately the mercury was barely set upon 40 and a punishing wind would prove too tough as foes to have any fun at the park today. I was treated to the usual moans and gripes one would expect from two hyped up and then subsequently disappointed grade-schoolers.

To make matters worse, Joslynn’s (5) eyes were caught by something streaking into her field of vision. “Cmon, Daddy, it’s not thaaaatt cold. There are men in the water.” Her whimpering battled with her lips to get the word “water” pronounced correctly.

At a quick glance I saw what looked like two seals skimming across the bay, but my brain quickly processed what I saw into the true picture — two windsurfing dudes with wetsuits on to protect themselves from the elements.

Saving me from having to explain wetsuits — how they work and why Santa won’t be bringing any this year — and certainly inflaming Joslynn’s disappointment was my pint sized hero of the moment, Mariah.

I want to do what they are doing. Daddy, if we do what they are doing, can we go out in the cold and play?”

Yes, Mariah, if you learned how to properly windsurf, you could even go out on windy days. In fact, the windier the better.”

Excitedly, Mariah turned to her sister, “ Jossy, do you want to play in the cold ?”

J. “Yes of course”

M. “Let’s be windsurfers!”

J. “OKAY!”

And just like that a wonderful life lesson was brewed, directly from the car seats.

When life gives you unfavorable rules or options, reposition yourself to somehow take advantage of the new circumstances.