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Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s Twitter account last week citing “the risk of further incitement of violence…in the context of horrific events this week.” What were those horrific events? According to commentators such as Joe Biden, it was unacceptable for the ‘rioters’ “to smash windows, to occupy offices, the floor of the United States Senate, rummaging through desks, on the Capitol, on the House of Representatives”. Yes, rummaging.

Five people did die during the chaos at the Capitol. Trump’s influence on these events is at most indirect. In contrast, we know that his predecessor Barack Obama held ‘ Terror Tuesday’ meetings…

Barack Obama and former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, public domain

We are in the midst of what some are calling the ‘everything bubble’. This could be seen as an overvaluation of multiple types of assets at the same time, but we may be approaching the limits of the credibility of the Federal Reserve itself as its balance sheet approaches $7 trillion, up from less than $1 trillion at the time of the 2008 financial crisis. By extension, the longevity of the US dollar and other government-issued currencies is being questioned by more and more people.

At the same time, a political scandal is continuing to gather steam potentially implicating a…

What do you see in this picture? Photo by michael_swann, public domain

As I read some of the headlines covering the coronavirus lockdown protests over the last month or so, I noticed that many journalists and commentators were fixated on one particular characteristic of the protestors:

  • Trump’s fake protest movement: Authoritarian stagecraft meets white privilege
  • Vox: The whiteness of anti-lockdown protests
  • Why Trump and Anti-Lockdown Protesters’ Calls to Return to Normal Are Acts of White Supremacy
  • Raw Story: Trump’s fake protests are staged events that demonstrate the enduring power of white supremacy in America
  • indy100: Aggressive, armed protesters stormed a state building last night and the police did nothing —…

NewDeal by LordHarris, marked as public domain

I like a lot about Krystal Ball and Jimmy Dore, popular pundits who I think I can safely describe as part of the progressive left. But I disagree with one of the main themes that comes up on their shows, which is the need for the Democratic party to return to its ‘FDR Roots’. A closer look at the discriminatory and ultimately ineffective economic policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt reveals why:

New Deal policies discriminated against black Americans: In an interview with The Real News Network’s Paul Jay, University of Houston professor Gerald Horne, while praising some benefits of the…

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Recently I watched the following exchange between UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers and Swedish professor, epidemiologist and government advisor Johan Giesecke, where Sayers queries Giesecke on the possibility that Sweden’s relatively relaxed Covid-19 policies could be perceived as ‘cold-hearted’:

While I understand how a policy that lets the virus ‘run its course’ could be seen as callous, it made me think about what other ‘cold-hearted’ policies we have come to accept as a part of everyday life.

For example, approximately 550,000 Americans are homeless on any given night (for reference, about 580,000 people live in the entire state of Wyoming). In…

These men were never prosecuted for war crimes. Public Domain.

As the the impeachment inquiry rolls on, I was reminded about a historical fact that shows just how biased and political establishment media and politicians are in their quest to impeach President Trump over improper use of foreign aid.

While they assert Trump used military aid to induce Ukraine to investigate the Bidens (this assertion does not hold up in testimony), they embrace a president who used a variety of humanitarian and military aid to escape prosecution for war crimes. This is documented by diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

Yes, I’m talking about George W. Bush, the man who dances

Is a NYT reporter driving the truck? Amy Klobuchar campaign by Bjoertvedt, CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the interesting aspects of the revelation that ABC News sat on (and still hasn’t released) an expose of Jeffrey Epstein is the flip side of their silence on that issue: all the ridiculous, unsubstantiated stories they did publish.

The New York Times also held back at least an important story when it delayed the first revelations about unconstitutional mass surveillance initiated by the George W. Bush administration.

That’s why articles like this recent NYT piece, “The Punch Lines Amy Klobuchar Uses to Keep Voters Laughing” come off not just as unserious, but actually offensive to the important stories…

Nick Solari, Bernie Sanders, CC BY-SA 2.0

Immigration was a flash point of the 2016 election. We all remember Donald Trump’s “they’re not sending their best” speech and promise to build a physical wall at the southern border. Democrats responded by casting the U.S. as “a beacon of hope for people seeking safety, freedom, and security” and supporting a “path to citizenship”.

Trump has proven tough on immigration, building parts of his promised wall and issuing many executive orders, which have often been held up by legal challenges.

Now, 2020 Democrat contenders are countering with their own immigration plans. Bernie Sanders recently released his manifesto, “A Welcoming…

Ggia, Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive in Greece in 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

In 2013, the number of worldwide refugees passed 50 million people, the highest since World War II. In 2019 that number rose to 70 million, up from 43 million in 2009. Two thirds of those refugees come from come five countries: Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, and Somalia (the U.S. has either bombed or stationed troops in four of those countries and ‘explored’ military-to-military engagement with the other, Myanmar). In Syria, 10.9 million citizens had been displaced as of 2015, or over half the country’s population.

Meanwhile, on the home front, “the majority of Americans have experienced a lost 17…

Emmanuel Macron standing in rain
Emmanuel Macron standing in rain
photo of Emmanuel Macron by Administration of the President of Ukraine, CC BY 4.0

(illegal immigrants) have no reason to stay in France, these people broke the law the minute they set foot on French soil

-’far right’ French leader Marine Le Pen

My goal is to throw out everybody who has no reason to be here

-’mainstream’ French President Emmanuel Macron (source:

The 2017 French presidential election was sometimes cynically described as a contest between a ‘banker and a Nazi’, with Le Pen being the Nazi in part for her hardline positions on immigration. This is why Europe ‘breathed a sigh of relief’ when Macron won.

But Macron is proving to be…

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