Gary Vaynerchuk Scares the Crap Out Me & I Love Him for It

As a kid I never thought I would ever meet a Russian. I was a child of the cold war and it was one of those things I just thought of as a ‘truth’. Boy was I wrong.

Jump forward a few decades and it seemed like every other person I met was from a country that had been part of the USSR, aka Russians. When I would hear that Slavic accent I would try to guess which country they were from like a carny guessing height and weight. Unfortunately guessing the wrong country is like saying Flyers to a Rangers fan or saying Kiwi to an Aussie. If you survive that faux pas you certainly won’t be getting a new BFF.

Jump forward another decade or so and I hear of this guy named GaryVee on a ForKnowsPhoto YouTube video. I think to myself, who is this guy, but I don’t follow up at the time to find out. Wish I had except I am sure that the universe was saying “You are not ready yet”. Jump forward in time again to an ordinary Casey Neistat YouTube watching day a Top 10 video by Gary Vaynerchuk pops up at the end of the video.

Just like the crack dealer the first taste is free and I WAS HOOKED. The next day I watched a few more videos and a few more, still free. Next day, a few more, still free. Then I decide in that very GaryVee Binary way that I AM ALL IN. Every video, every day, back catalogs of videos. Deep Dives into the GaryVee Archives and his amazing search of previous questions on his #AskGaryVee show website. Seriously baseheads don’t have an addiction like this. I equate my GaryVee addiction to a House of Cards all night Netflix binge where the morning never comes.

But wait didn’t you say he scares you and now you are saying you are all in every day, all day, huh?!? GaryVee is scary because he speaks the truth, he is like a flashlight in the dark of my reality. He is that Russian I would never meet as a child that is kicking a$$ and taking names. He is a mirror on my reality making me see all of my flaws for what they really are. Fear and Laziness have been my reality for longer than I can remember. I fear success as much if not more than failure. I spiral down and I am crippled by the laziness and fear as they feed on each.

In recent weeks the more I watch GaryVee, read GaryVee, listen to GaryVee the more scared I get. It is like he came over to my house and sat on my couch and just started talking right to me, and me alone. It is freaky.


If this was a MLM(Multilevel Marketing) scheme he would have my $99.95 in 3 easy installments. That is the scariest thing about GaryVee is that he doesn’t want my money. He wants me to take what he says and make my life better. He wants me to pay him back by being happy and making my life awesome in every way. Wait doesn’t he put books out that he wants you to buy? Yes he does put out books and asks people to buy them. Wait for it, he gives all the details of the books out for free. I equate this to a magician doing a trick, showing you the trick, and teaching you the trick. Then saying you can buy the trick if you want even though I just gave it to you for free. AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE, INCREDIBLE and AMAZING.

As a kid from the Philly suburbs in the land where Jackass’s are born and couch shopping became a reality I had what I ‘needed’ in regards to food, shelter, computers, and TV. In fact I had so much of what I needed with TV that I was addicted to it all day, everyday. My addiction to TV was so bad that as an 8 year old kid I “knifed” my older sister. Knifed is in quotes as I handed my Sister a knife with the blade towards her, she was as mad as I was and grabbed it without looking. One trip to the ER and many stitches later, I have officially knifed someone(sorta).

When I was a kid I knew I had a ‘problem’ with TV. So I made a rule that I had to watch a certain percentage of knowledge based TV. I tried to create a TV for reading system so I would read more, till I cheated that system. You see being an addict means you will find a way to get that fix and you won’t stop until you hit rock bottom. With TV addiction rock bottom is difficult to see. If you can pay the cable and electric bill you can watch TV all day for free, but at what price. What is the real cost of TV addiction? As Gary would say, it is LEGACY.

What is the legacy of a guy on a couch watching TV?
He knows all the TV theme songs by heart even if he doesn’t know it. He can tell you the significance of the Fonz Jumping the Shark and why LOST was either the best or worst show ever. Basically they have the stories of others and no stories of their own to share.

Enter stage left YouTube which is about Broadcasting Yourself. I am not Phillip DeFranco, Casey Neistat, or Gary Vaynerchuk. What they have all taught me is that me being me is awesome. Broadcasting Yourself is not ‘easy’ as you are putting yourself on a public stage for all the world to see. It doesn’t matter to me anymore as I won’t let the fear or laziness hold me back.

I can officially say I am glad that I am scared of GaryVee as it is making me a better me. Some day when I am not so scared of GaryVee we will sit down and have an amazingly awesome chat. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention he is from Jersey. That is another scary thing, for another story, at another time.

Oh and I hear what you are saying as you read that final part about sitting down and chatting with GaryVee. This Rich Shumaker guy is quite the Hustler, he did this so GaryVee would contact him because of reverse psychology. I can honestly say that I am not ready to sit and talk to GaryVee yet. Gary when you read this or find out about it as you don’t like to read, please don’t call me or stop by for a chat.(disclaimer — I have emailed GaryVee and he has emailed me back. An email is not ‘talking’ or sitting down with someone.)

Gary Vee you scare the crap out of me and I love you for it.

And I will leave you with one of my favorite GaryVeeism’s


Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my story.

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