Beautiful WordPress Theme Documentation with WPThemeDoc

WPThemeDoc is available on GitHub

So, there are obviously loads of WordPress themes out in the wild these days, but very few tote beautifully designed help guides/documentation — which is why I decided to make my own now available on GitHub.

The premise of WPThemeDoc is actually very simple. It is a single-file HTML template, built to help WordPress theme authors easily create beautiful, simple to use, and easily extendable documentation for WordPress themes.

It utilizes a few “Find and Replace” variables so it’s that much easier to plug in your relevant data. Simply conduct a search and replace the following:

  • @@name
  • @@slug
  • @@purchaseUrl
  • @@demoUrl
  • @@supportUrl
  • @@changelogUrl

Next, add or remove various sections that are relevant to your WordPress theme. For example, add a link in the header nav element and then add a section below with the same ID, like this:

Now just add in your WordPress theme’s relevant content and you’re all set! I use WPThemeDoc for most of my own beautiful WordPress themes and plan on updating the older themes to use this gem as well.

If you have any ideas, or ways to improve WPThemeDoc — let me know. I’m all for ears for feedback. Enjoy!

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Originally published at Rich Tabor.