Introducing Shannon Kerrigan To Team TNT.

Introducing Shannon Kerrigan To Team TNT.

TNT Supplements are delighted to welcome Shannon Kerrigan to Team TNT.

Shannon is a PCA Bikini Fitness competitor who has also been chosen for Team GB to represent the PCA in international shows.

We look forward to supporting Shannon from here on out ensuring she continues to dominate the competitive stage while representing #TeamTNT & #PCAarmy

TNT Supplements are the official sponsors of the PCA and together we will continue to change the face of the game and put athletes first.

Name: Shannon Kerrigan
Age: 25
Location: Glasgow, Scotland


A Bikini Fitness athlete/model who has been competing since 2013. Shannon started off competing with the UKBFF/IFBB and has since moved over to compete with PCA where she was lucky enough to have been chosen as part of Team GB.

Shannon’s most recent shows (2016) have been the Tiger Classic in Bucharest where she flew out to represent PCA in the Bikini category and won, followed by the PCA Midlands qualifier where she also won her tall class. 
These shows qualified Shannon for the PCA Body Power PRO AM show and the PCA British Finals which are May/June 2017.

Shannon hasn’t always been ‘into’ fitness and body wise she had been at both ends of the scale — Underweight & Overweight. Shannon never used to care about what she put into her body or the effect it had and consequently gained a lot of unwanted bodyfat. Shannon initially thought losing the weight would give her the dream body she wanted but when she got there she quickly realised how wrong she was. Shannon dropped to 7 stone (98lbs) and didn’t even fill out a pair of size 6 jeans! Wanting to build some curves was what initially got Shannon into weight training and paying more attention to her diet and weight training routine’s. Shannon completely fell in love with the process and competed for the first time in 2013.

Shannon had this to say……

“It’s cliché but eating well and training hard makes me feel good… I’m completely comfortable and confident with myself now — on the outside and on the inside. The process of competing has helped me prove to myself what I’m capable of which has changed every aspect of my life — Professionally, personally and physically!”

Shannon x

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