Test Results: Publishing on Medium vs Linkedin vs Personal Blog

I recently published my first Medium Article.

It was a test.

I wanted to test publishing the same article on Linkedin vs Medium vs my brand new blog RichTucker.co to see if there are more benefits to republishing content on either Linkedin or Medium.

The article was 380 days in the making loaded with 12 lessons learned from going 380 straight days with at least 30 minutes of lifting or running PLUS no alcohol. Read Article Here.

I felt it was a fairly valuable post that might get good engagement on Linkedin or Medium.

I published it on my blog first, then on Linkedin and a week later on Medium. The only change I made on the 3 posts, were slight modification in titles to help them all potential rank for different long tail Google Searches.

Medium vs Linkedin vs Blog Post stats:

4 weeks after making the original post, here are the stats:

My Blog: 193 views (2 views in last 4 days)

Linkedin: 1,257 views (4 views in last 4 days)

Medium: 877 views (141 views in last 4 days)

2,327 views is much better than the 193 views that I would have gotten if I only posted this article on my new blog. Linkedin and Medium both gave the article extended reach based on the engagement.

Linkedin got off to a stronger start than Medium, but Medium’s daily views have not slowed down yet. I will not be surprised if Medium passes Linkedin in a couple of months.

Medium vs Linkedin Stats

Both Medium and Linkedin provide valuable data to writers that we do not get from our personal blogs.

Medium Analytics

Medium shows the number people who viewed the post as well as how many of those people actually read it. 393 read the post, giving it a 45% read ratio.

I’ll use this stat to improve my writing to try to keep viewers attention longer so they read the entire article.

Linkedin Analytics

Linkedin shows the employers and job titles of the readers. This is pretty cool data that you can only get from posting articles on Linkedin.

Conclusion of Medium vs Linkedin Test

This is just one test of one article.

When starting out with a new blog, the extended reach from Medium and Linked makes the time spent writing more valuable.

It is easy to re-publish content on Medium and Linkedin.

I plan to continue publishing in different combinations on my blog, Medium and Linkedin based on where I think the specific post will perform the best.

In my original post of this article, I share more insights on my future publishing strategies if you’d like to dig deeper into this subject click here.