You’d have a much better point without the anger directed towards Brook.
Brian Reach

I didn’t leave out the Holocaust; everybody knows about the Holocaust. I have seen highly-educated yet apparently evil black thought leaders cite the Holocaust as proof of the evil of white people. The Holocaust wasn’t the first or the worst or the last genocide. There was the Armenian/Christian Holocaust perpetrated by those wonderful adherents of ‘the religion of peace’. There was the 20+ million Chinese killed by the Japanese that at the time was described as ‘just like the Holocaust [but far more victims], but the Japanese didn’t keep records’. There was the 35 million killed by China in the Great Leap forward. There was the Killing fields of Cambodia. There was Rwanda. All thesegenocides and mass murders on a staggering scale were perpetrated by non-white, non-Christian people. Americans don’t know about them for just that reason — the left is pushing an anti-white, anti-Christian agenda.