Hey, Black America, Let’s All Ditch Our Slave Names
Zaron Burnett III

The fact that you ARE black Americans is a legacy of slavery. The only way you can ever not have to feel that legacy is to go back to Africa. It would be the most American thing you can do. I read one of your fellow race-hustlers saying that black people didn’t have that experience of choosing to come to America the way all other Americans did (which, of course, leaves out the millions of white Americans who came here as indentured servants). So this is black people’s chance to go to a country they choose! Colin Kaepernick says Ghana is “home”. He should stay there. And you should go there.

Although there IS another way to not feel the legacy of slavery, and that is to stop choosing to feel it, to stop obsessing over it. Irish-Americans aren’t obsessing over the forced famine that killed over a million of their ancestors or the coffin ships in which hundreds of thousands died fleeing the famine. They know intuitively that without those things they wouldn’t be here in America, and they are thankful that they are in America. So, too, should you know that without slavery you wouldn’t be here in America. And if you aren’t thankful that you are in America then you should have the courage of your convictions and go back to your homeland. Otherwise you’re some combination of coward and b.s. artist.

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