Nothing you wrote is at all relevant to what the author said.

Um, no. I jumped off from a quote in her post, claiming that white people are being “ahistorical and dishonest” when in fact she and the left are being “ahistorical and dishonest” in pushing the narrative of white people as evil conquerors and enslavers. The fact is that all races have been evil conquerors and enslavers. She is the one who mentioned Native Americans, because she has been brainwashed into thinking they were saintly innocents living in a Garden of Eden. They were basically stone-age people (no writing, no wheel, no metalworking) who engaged in near-constant warfare with other tribes and who had nothing done to them by whites that they hadn’t done or tried to do to each other and hadn’t done or tried to do to whites. I’m sure Brook thinks having a half-assed holiday known as Columbus Day is a disgrace; she also probably defends Islam, which worships Muhammed, a man who was worse than Columbus. Muhammad was a mass murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, an enslaver on an epic scale, and whatever metric is used to assign whatever number of deaths to Columbus yields 2 to 3 times as many deaths due to Muhammad. You and Brook probably know nothing of actual history, you just parrot left-wing polemics. If Brook wants to discuss “the matter at hand” she should stick to the present, and not her pathetically shallow view of history.

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