Lost…and found

My story begins in Seattle, Washington, and ends up in Big Sur, California. But this could be your story, too. In fact, you may recognize bits and pieces of your own life in my telling of this journey. I invite you to breathe between the spaces of each word. To read that which is not printed on the page. To hear what is only hinted at. That is wherein the real tale lies. That is the subtlety of Big Sur that can be easily missed if you are not paying close attention.

Like many journeys, I did not recognize when exactly mine had begun. It did not begin with an airplane, or an automobile, or a moving van. I thought it had begun when I gave notice to my employer, but it was not then. It began during a conversation between my head and my heart; really, a debate. Have you ever experienced one of those? Reason vs. desire. Pros vs. cons. Shoulds vs. coulds.

But this journey began several years ago, and we - you and I - have some catching up to do in order to get to the current moment. I want to take you from the very beginning because, again, you may recognize yourself somewhere along the way. And if your heart and mind have ever had a debate, you’ll not want to miss those parts you might be in. I’ll start my story with a current moment from Big Sur, a beautiful swish of fresh mountain air mixed with salty ocean, just to give you some context. And then we can begin our walk. Sound OK? Then stay tuned…