You Get What You Deserve

And You Deserve It All

Beautiful gifts await you in the most unexpected places

Have you ever wondered if you were good enough? For him. For her. For your job? For love?

Would you be able to complete this sentence without hesitation and with conviction: 
“I deserve _______________” ?

Today I share with you some words and pictures that prove yes, you are good enough. Yes, you deserve.

I want to show you, partly through my own experiences, that there is Something out there. Something waiting to give you exactly what you deserve, according to your thoughts. According to what you believe. According to you.

Gone into the mists but not forgotten [stock photo]

“We’re Performing CPR!”

It was early in my career, and I was close to getting off shift at my job. I was given an assignment just before I started to head into the barn, but a co-worker friend called out that he would take the job for me, so that I could get off on time. Grateful, I headed in.

Once I was back at the office, there was commotion. On the work radio I heard an excited voice saying “…performing CPR! We need paramedics now!” My heart sank as the tragedy unfolded; it turned out my co-worker had been electrocuted while handling the job meant for me. He did not survive.

For many years I was periodically plagued with guilt, wondering why I was spared; why I deserved to live and he did not. Why was I here while he went away, never to return?

When words are more than words

Receiving The Gift

Years later, when my daughter (who was only a toddler at the time of that accident) was a young teen, I was helping her clean up her room when I found a small note stuffed in the drawer of a toy jewelry box.

I stared at it for endless moments, tears stinging my eyes. Years of guilt and wondering why I had deserved to live that day long ago suddenly disappeared in the bright light of love.

It wasn’t about me deserving to live or die. It was about a daughter deserving her father. She needed me, and being present as her father was the most important thing in my life (and hers). These thoughts permeated the universe with that need and that love. And so the events of that fateful day long ago were set.

Is it possible my co-worker, who was single, sacrificed himself for my daughter’s love, her need for me to be there for her, without even being conscious of it at the time?

Evening at Esalen in Big Sur — trees watch the sun lower into the sea

God Calling

In Big Sur it often seems like there is an open line with God. Like the phone has been left off the hook and He is listening in on His magnificent creations. The beauty and immensity of this place makes you feel connected to The Source.

If The Creator, The Intelligence, whatever you want to call It… were to ring your iPhone, what would She say? To your question “do I deserve ________________?”.

I suspect She might say “you deserve everything good thing I have created, and I want you to have it”. Happiness. Joyfulness. Freedom.

You and I deserve it.

The road to the Hermitage winds through beauty, like our lives

Our Path Is Our Thoughts

What if your thoughts truly did create your world — if our thoughts have created this world we now live in?

If you don’t believe you deserve joyfulness in your life, wouldn’t you subconsciously seek out people and situations that supported that belief?

If you didn’t believe you deserved all the goodness that God has created, do you think He would force it upon you?

I propose that if we were made in the image of our Creator, then we are creators by default! And we can create the world we want to live in; the relationships we want to have; the joy we were meant to feel and express.

We truly do get what (we think) we deserve. Good or bad are subjective terms: my good could be your bad. And vice versa. But what do you deserve?

Life is in the details…

One day this spring I was in the garden at Esalen here in Big Sur. Somehow my attention was drawn to a flowering bush, and suddenly I noticed a yellow and black dragonfly resting almost invisibly amongst the blossoms and leaves. It was magnificent — maybe 4 inches long. I felt blessed to witness this amazing creature. I thought I was just lucky to have seen it.

But what if the truth was that I deserved to see it? And that it deserved to be seen by me? Two life forms, created by something far greater than us, brought together so as to be able to notice the details in each other. In life. We’re not just helpless observers pushed around by the winds. 
We deserve to fully participate.

As long as there are flowers and bees, we’ll get through it OK

Deserving Partnerships

Right now at the Hermitage we have flowers blooming everywhere. Poppies, Sunflowers, lavenders, clover. And where there are flowers, there are pollinators. Like honeybees. The bees deserve the flowers. And the flowers deserve the bees. A perfect partnership. Do you deserve a perfect partnership? Why wouldn’t you?

No two Big Sur sunsets are the same…

The Creator of this universe made many beautiful things, but what could be more beautiful than our own planet Earth? Watching the sun set in Big Sur is like watching a painting unfold before you in the skies. This photo was taken from the upper Hermitage drive.

I wonder…if I didn’t deserve to see such beauty, wouldn’t the sunsets be in gray tones? You feel these colors. Even if I were sightless, I would feel these magnificent shows by just being in their presence.

We deserve to witness all the beauty that there is in this world. 
We are partners with this planet.

McWay Falls in Big Sur is famous for the waterfall on the beach. It deserves to be witnessed.

Is there something beautiful in your world that deserves your attention today? Perhaps some thing you haven’t noticed before. Or some one.

Sunset horizon from 5200 feet above Big Sur, on Cone Peak

Too many people walk around this beautiful planet thinking that they don’t deserve. Or that they only deserves so much. They limit the path between the Creator and them, constricting it to a flow that conforms to what they believe they deserve.

Try taking a higher view of your world and the universe it floats in, and you will see all the good that is awaiting you. The possibilities are endless, and you deserve each one.

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Peace be with you.
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