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I’m a capitalist. I believe in a society that is structured in a way that allows people to flourish and succeed if they choose to.

Yet this needs to be balanced with an acknowledgement that not everyone does choose to — not all want to, and not all are able to.

I began volunteering because I realised that some people are born unlucky. At the time, I was working in the marketing department of a large company. Through one of our charity programmes, I was introduced to an organisation that supports at-risk youths. I realised that, all things considered, I’d…

The chimp has the market share, but lacks the killer features

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Like many people, I’ve used Mailchimp for years. When asked “What email marketing platform shall I use?” I’ve enthusiastically answered “Mailchimp!”

It’s well known, has pretty much every feature you need, and integrates with almost every other platform you can think of.

But over the past year, doubt has crept in. I’ve seen many reports of people being banned from Mailchimp, and my own frustrations have arisen.

When an acquaintance suggested Mailerlite I was hesitant at first. I’d never used it and doubted it would be better than Mailchimp…

Some things are about more than money.

Having worked for a number of years in finance, it has become very difficult for me to look at money as anything other than hard numbers.

“If we spend that, it will cost us X more over the long term.”

“If we hire a cleaner, that’s a thousand pounds a year we could put to overpaying the mortgage.”

While I believe this to be a positive trait, the truth is money is about more than hard numbers.

Money is a tool to help us. That includes having savings, but that needs to be…

Reading “The 5 am Club” taught me that we do have control.

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Routine is imposed upon most of us.

We like to entertain the idea that we have control, but we don’t.

We work the hours our bosses tell us to work, and everything is engineered around this.

The time we wake up in the morning is based on how long we need to get ready and be at our desks for 9am. Even in the remote world of the pandemic, we’re logged on at the required time.

Likewise, work influences when we have lunch, with many workers choosing to have it slightly later than the halfway point, so their afternoon feels…

A big goal requires showing up every day until it’s done.

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In November 2020, the year that will go down in history as one of the most eventful — and not just for Covid-19 — I signed up for a marathon. It will be my first ever. Taking place in September 2021 (on my birthday, in fact), it gave me about 10 months to prepare.

When I first made the decision, I was thinking of only one thing: the marathon itself. The big day. Running 26.2 miles.

I felt excited. I saw myself at the finish line. I thought about the achievement. “This is going to be amazing!”

I don’t want…

Some clients really aren’t worth the money

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For the past six years, I’ve worked as an in-house marketer. My roles were action-based, like creating content, building marketing and PR strategies, that sort of thing.

I wasn’t signing new clients for the business, and this is one area of freelancing and self-employment that often gets overlooked.

You’ve got the skills and experience needed to have your own business. You can deliver results. And you have interpersonal skills too.

But what you won’t have is a sharpened radar that sirens a warning alarm when a troublesome client wants to work with you.

Like desk jobs soften our muscles, years…

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The aesthetically stunning butterfly is the definition of fragile. Yet it begins its life with tremendous suffering.

The butterfly emerges from its cocoon not with an energetic flourish, busting through the sides with an eagerness to explore the world from a height previously denied to it, but with pain and struggle.

In order to gain that ability to fly, the butterfly has to squeeze through the cocoon’s barrier. This forces the water from its body and into its wings, which is what enables it to fly. Without that struggle, the butterfly would remain grounded.

The easy way forward would prevent…

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When it comes to readers, there are 3 broad categories:

  1. Avid readers
  2. Non-readers
  3. People who want to read more but “don’t have time”

Numbers 1 and 2 on that list know where they sit and are probably happy with how much they read (or don’t read).

It’s that third number I’ll be writing about in this article, and sharing a simple, effective trick for reading more books in 2021.

Personally, I’ve always been a reader. …

Your best run doesn’t always feel like your best run

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I had an epiphany this morning.

It was 7am and I was out doing a two mile guided run from the Nike Run Club app. As part of my training for my first marathon, I’ve been following an initial plan that solely focuses on distance, and now that I’m up to 4.5 miles I’ve switched to the Nike Run Club marathon plan.

What I immediately love about this new plan is it’s varied. In the first week alone, I’ve done a 10 minute run (yes, 10 minutes), intervals at my 5k pace, and now a two mile run. …

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The rising capabilities and widespread adoption of software and artificial intelligence (AI) have been spoken about for many years. Fuelled by both optimism and sci-fi-inspired fears, debates have raged over how bright the future looks and how the dystopian movies will become our realities when the robots take over. Amongst it all has been a truth acknowledged by both sides: the robots are coming for our jobs.

And within this truth has been another agreement: those most at risk are the so-called unskilled jobs, and we already see self-checkouts regularly in shops.

Yet there’s another truth. One that’s been overlooked…

Richard White

Writer, marketer, thinker. I share my thoughts on life, work, reading, fitness — and training for my first marathon.

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