What to do in Huanchaco

Surf Lessons

One-on-one surf lessons in Casa Fresh with surfboard and wetsuit is 70 soles from bilingual surf coach. Huanchaco has the most consistent surf in the world so it is perfect for all levels.

Eating out

Huanchaco is one of the cheapest places in South America to eat out. I don’t cook because it’s cheaper to eat out here. For instance, unreal 3 course meal with juice for 3$. We have a list of where to eat in reception once you arrive for breakfast/lunch/dinner and of course treats!

Pier fishing

We have some fishing lines and bate at reception if you want to go down to the pier to go fishing and cook up your catch back in the kitchen. If you catch a lot, feel free to give me one!!!


The main reason I love Huanchaco is for sports. The end of Huanchaco, the beach goes for miles and is perfect for running barefoot. We play a lot of football against the locals and other hostels. 5 a side on the courts around Huanchaco. Nearby there are squash courts and other facilities and of course not to mention top class surf everyday. It’s a great place to catch up on the fitness after a while travelling.


Ok, so nightlife in Huanchaco is pretty cool. Thursday nights everyone goes salsa dancing in Janpix, then to beach bar till the early hours . Noise is not an issue if you don’t want to party. It’s really just one night a week. On Friday/Saturdays if there is a crew we generally do pre drinks until 11 then taxi over to an amazing club in Trujillo. I can guarantee you, you will fall in love here!!! I’ll say no more.


The church on top of Huanchaco is definitely worth a look. It looks out over all of Huanchaco and is a beautiful church. Mass is on Sundays. “Is there anything to be said for another mass Father!” Also check out the sunsets here. ROMANTIC

Spanish lessons

20 soles ($6.67) for one on one lessons from a teacher that taught me Spanish. Can’t recommend him enough. Then chat Spanish with the locals. “Si Senor!”


The local people are so nice. Huanchaco is so safe. No fights. You can walk around safe all hours, if you are here for more than a few days you will know all the characters in town.


Sunbath on our roof top terrace or else on the beach. Generally sun everyday to top up your glistening tan. Sit out on our terrace, look out on the waves, maybe even a cheeky mojito, soft day!

Chilling out

Huanchaco is basically a chill out zone, Mancora and Lima/Cusco are all crazy spots, here in Huanchaco life is very easy and cheap! Get the batteries re-charged, enjoy are super super quick wifi to watch tv online and ring the loved ones back home.


Please see next tab for offers on tours to the ruins. I won’t RUIN the history (see what I did there) Chan Chan is 10 minutes away on the bus and other ruins like Huaca de Sol/Luna are in Trujillo. If you want to see all ruins (recommended) then check out the tours. They pick you up and drop you back and are guided in English.


Over in Trujillo there is cool sandboarding, costs 60 soles ($20) for full day. Better than the sandboarding in Huacachina, save yourself the trip down south. Ask at reception for more info.

Caballo de Totora

Caballitos de totora are reed watercrafts used by Peruvian fishermen for the past 3,000 years, archaeologically evidenced from pottery shards. Anyways, local fisherman still use them today to fish. There is no motorboats in Huanchaco, everyone fishes this way, the same way the last few thousand years. You can surf on them, yoga and go for rides.

Adventure Park

Jetski 30 soles ($10) Go Karting/ATV race 10 soles ($3) loads of other activities only 2 minute walk from Casa Fresh. Cheapest place I’ve seen for these sort of activities. The go karting/ATV is great fun for few friends.