How Lawyers will be Killed by the Blockchain and not Machine Learning
Chris Herd

Contract lawyers doomed? maybe. Lawyers doomed? no way. To reduce law to this is insanity. I have to question the motives for this article. You wouldn’t be about to launch the next ‘robot lawyer’ that will turn the legal world on its head by any chance??

As an aside I am yet to see a legal AI that really does what it purports to do, e.g. analyse a judicial decision any better than a human can, or find relevant cases for a lawyer better than a law librarian can (hands up, I’m a law librarian).

Oh, and sure blockchain will sign the contract for you, or execute it, or deal with a default etc, but it won’t actually write the contract right? Someone’s still got to do that!

I await the revolution, but I’m not holding my breath…

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