I Deleted My Facebook Account and This is What I Found
Timothy R. Myers

Might I suggest an alternative. Cull you ‘friends’.

I have a small FB circle now, 46 people. I might cull again soon. Keep your friend list to the people you feel you’d miss not hearing from IRL.

As someone who moved across the globe 12 yrs ago, FB is my only link to mates back home that I know I would miss if I dumped FB altogether.

This works for me, aside from FBs increasing bombardment with sponsored content etc I can’t say I find anything unpleasent going on on my feed, because I know I’d happily have a drink with anyone on my friend list and we’d have a right old time — because we are actually friends, not ‘people I’ve known’.

I really think FB can be tamed. I also only go on there couple of days — for 10 mins tops. So I don’t have any FB time to free up. If you are glued to it the whole time, it’s going to destroy you, like anything else. But, all things in moderation and you’re all good to go :)

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