Craft and Chaos

Rich Ziade
Sep 22, 2015 · 3 min read

Paul Ford and I are launching a new technology product shop called Postlight. I’m the former founder of a fairly well-known agency here in New York City called Arc90. Arc90 gathered a lot of great talent and built a lot of great stuff over the years. We were acquired in 2013 by SFX/Beatport. Recently, I left (along with others) to start Postlight with Paul.

Just a couple of years ago, Paul and I never imagined something like this coming together. Over the random cocktail or on Slack, we spoke (and continue to speak) endlessly about technology, the web, culture, web culture, apps, frameworks (of all flavors) and teams — how to manage them, how to build them, and how to join them. The list goes on and on. Part of why this feels right is that Postlight isn’t the culmination of some series of business transactions. If you put Paul and I in a room, this is how we’d spend our time anyway. So we figured: let’s put a shingle on it and go.

It’s been an incredible start to say the least. Paul and I had visions of him and I alone in a Brooklyn garage. It didn’t quite pan out that way. Instead, we’re nearly 40 strong just north of Union Square here in New York City. As we look ahead, we’re seeing something really special take shape.

At first we were surprised. A lot of people wanted to join with us, right away, based on some fairly vague promises. We soon realized that we’d lucked out: Our aim is to design and build great products that ride on big sprawling platforms. To disrupt not just businesses (boring) but culture. And we’d found the team that could do that. Or rather, they’d found us. And in short order, our first big clients found us, too.

We want to explore and experiment and cause chaos without compromising craft. We want to gather some of the best designers and engineers around — to hang out, share ideas and build stuff together. And all the while we’re aiming for a collective personality to take shape that’s honest, thoughtful and just a bit…weird. “Weird” not in a creepy way, but rather in a lateral-thinking-“well that’s an interesting approach” sort of way.

As we ramp up, we’re looking forward to connecting — and contributing — to the New York tech community. In the coming weeks, we’ll be holding events in our new space. If you’d like to receive any of our event announcements, be sure to sign up to our mailing list. If you’ve got any questions or you’re curious about what we’re up to, I’d love to hear from you:

Rich Ziade

Written by

Co-Founder at Postlight. Formerly of Arc90, Bay Ridge, Beirut.

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