Bre — this was a super thoughtful response.
Brad Feld

I always respected (and continue to respect) Bre for his passion and vision and willingness to think outside the status quo. That’s when real innovation can occur.

But…what is often lost in the analysis of Makerbot and the broader consumer 3D printer space is that *the products fell far, far short of their hype*. Severe limitations in materials, geometries, accuracy, and speed relegated these to “toy” status. Believe me, I wanted it to be real. I wanted to co-create new Lego-like parts with my son. I wanted to print bike parts. I wanted to be a “maker”. Sadly, a number of practical, financial, and technological limitations led to these products falling way short of the promise.

But like any bold endeavor, a proverbial “moon shot”, it was a big and ambitious undertaking, and one that was perhaps just too early.

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