When The World Turns Upside Down
Erick Erickson

Erick, you are a true hero for standing up for what is right. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! You and I may disagree on some things but your stance on the world and role of government (many of which I do agree with) are extremely intelligent and come from a place of honor and respect. And I thank you for that. I truly hope after this is all done (and after a hopeful Trump loss) the GOP and the Democrats can finally assess how we all got in this situation and start to work together again. I hope a president Clinton will see that she must not waste this opportunity for soul searching and that the GOP will finally ditch this ugly faction of nationalists they’ve fostered for so long.

It’s time that all Americans, left, right, and middle, awaken to the fact that our society works best when we work together. When we open our minds to compromise and show value and respect for differing opinions. But most of all, we need to remember that no one person can fix our problems and they will only be solved when we can cooperate and compromise.

Even though I’m a left-leaning independent, I want you to know that me and other people like me, will be there to help you “pick up the pieces” when the world is upside down; because, like you, we are Americans first and we will always stand up to help another American who feels lost or abandoned.

God Bless!

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