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This is a good news story, but I’m always frustrated that the proponents write in such a way that it appears as hype. Why no physics? Some fossil fuel proponent will come along and “demonstrate” EVs are uneconomical and the consumer sees a he-said-she-said story.

The physics is really very simple. A typical car like a Tesla requires 20hp (15kW) to maintain 100km/h. We are accustomed to 500km or so between gas stops, that would be 5 hours. Times 15kW is 75kWh. At $273/kWh, that would be $20,000. For the battery alone. The rest of the car is pretty much the same as a gas car, except the electric motor might be a little cheaper to make than the gas engine. So even at $273/kWh, the electric car is about $15,000 more than the gas. We can start compromising to bring this difference down, for example, many people are not inconvenienced by a 300km rather than 500km range.

Still, how do you attract people to buy such cars? It’s the running cost that’s decisive. For me also, there’s the fact of less CO2 produced, especially in the Pacific NW where our power comes from hydro.

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