The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I actually think this piece is very perceptive. The Internet is exposing youth to shocking amounts of planetery damage promogulated by the status quo, and they are sick of it. They like progressive solutions that reverse global warming, ensure quality healthcare, affordable eduction, and better overall quality of life. I’m not sure that makes them ‘socialist’, but it does mean they are truly more progressive.

I actually believe Capitalism is a more powerful tool to social order than ‘socialism’. However I believe Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed socialist, is right to say income inequality is way out of wack.

When high incomes and concentrated wealth are taxed at high rates, capitalsim becomes much softer and more progressive aparatus to allow government and social programs to address poverty, education, and healthare for all. Though I feel it is futile to have high corporate taxes since large firms will just stash earnings overseas, high personal income, luxury property, and high inheritance taxes insure wealth concentrations over time empower a growing middle class and higher overall quality of life.

This thinking is not new. A lot of sage wisdom can been gleened from the past. Many past econmists like John Maynard Keynes and Adam Smith have have wrestled with how to manage captializm for greater public good. The tired rhetoric that all taxes should be abolished or lowered is the insidious tactic the wealthy use to game Captialism to play to their selfish greed. With a fair and compassionate rule of law, well protected freedom of speech, and progressive taxes, Capitalism can be a powerful force for progressive causes and the greater public good. In my mind the kids are all right to espouse a more socialist mindset, though I’d suggest the more appropriate term “more progressive”.