A Prayer for the Future

Title: travels by ley line | Author: yumikrum | Source: Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0
Title: travels by ley line | Author: yumikrum | Source: Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0

Oh Infinite Possibility
 We give thanks to the spiritual role models of the ancient past:
 Lao Tsu, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and more
 Who taught us
 That transcending the ego is more important than feeding the ego
 That love conquers hate
 That, in the stillness of silence, we develop our souls

We give thanks for the towering giants of the recent past:
 Martin, Bobby, Nelson, Teddy, Franklin, Eleanor, Jane, Mahatma, and more
 Who taught us
 The principles of non-violence
 The importance of civil and human rights
 The responsibility to protect our environment and our dignity

In spite of those ancient and recent giants
 Our engines of justice are sputtering
 With prejudice
 With privilege
 With patronage

Our hearts of compassion are fluttering
 In fear
 In hate
 In sadness

Our mouths of leadership are muttering
 With mean spirited words
 With rage and rhetoric
 With other-hood instead of brotherhood

Our hands of healing are puttering
 With inconsequential deeds
 With incomprehensible creeds
 With shameful acts of greed
 With technology and toys

Yes, our social systems are crumbling:
 Fewer jobs for the unskilled
 Worse health for those in need
 Less food for the poor

All while our politicians are mumbling about
 “Elitist democrats”
 “Stupid republicans”
 “Bumbling bureaucrats”

Oy!, our leaders are stumbling on
 Tweets instead of policies
 Lies instead of truth
 Fake news instead of facts

Instead of being inspired by those who have come before us, are among us now, and will emerge from the coming generations,
 We are hunkered down by probabilities, so:
 We build walls in fear that one immigrant may commit a heinous act
 We cut the fabric of our safety nets in fear that one person may abuse the system
 We ban Muslims in fear one person may sneak in to commit an act of terror

May we be inspired again by possibility.
 The possibility that one young woman may create a new spirit in the world ‘
 May we be inspired that one and one and one acts of compassion will suddenly combine synergistically so that ALL of us might live in peace.
 May we be inspired to have a stronger commitment to higher ideals
 May we be inspired to develop deeper capabilities for substantive and sustainable solutions
 May we be inspired to collaborate for a broader, more inclusive, and welcoming culture.
 May we move from fear and hate to love and compassion

Oh Infinite Possibility
 We give thanks for the towering giants among us now:
 Malala, Angela, Barack, Michelle and more
 And we give thanks for the towering giants who will emerge in the future:
 Maria, Angelica, Abony, Jada, Annie, Ezra, Biyu, Dai-Tai, Khayla, Mahira
 Who will teach us what we can’t even yet imagine

Oh Universal Energy
 Help us tap into a new spirit
 Oh Cosmic Consciousness
 Let us see beyond our differences
 Oh Abundant Love
 Help us reach out and touch each other gently
 Help us welcome each other tenderly
 Help us awaken passion in our souls
 Help us radiate the kindness in our hearts
 Help us dance in gratitude to Cosmic grace
 Help us give our children a chance to grow together in peace

Originally published at Perspectives & Possibilities.